How to stay focused!

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Lets be honest staying focused and on track can be difficult when it comes to staying fit, we all have our down days where we want to snuggled up on the sofa watching films and eating junk food and that’s fine! I think you need some rest days to just let yourself unwind. But staying focused and determined helps us achieve our goals quicker and helps us stay on track! So how do you stay focused on your goal? Every individual is different for me i find looking at pictures of how i want to look helps to keep me focused but for some people it may be looking at quotes or listening to music. I’d suggest trying a variety of ways and see what works best for you! Overall I find visualising your end goal the best motivator, when you feel like you can’t do that final rep or eat that avocado salad thinking of your final end goal helps to push you forwards.

I’d love to know what keeps you focused? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

How to stay focused



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Shockingly 50% of the British population don’t eat breakfast, why? well the list is endless from not having enough time to people believing skipping breakfast will mean less calories consumed during the day, sound like you? Well let me tell you the importance of eating breakfast!

Quick starts your metabolism- do you often skip breakfast believing that in doing so you’ll lose weight quicker? It’s one of the worst things you could do! When you eat breakfast it kick starts your metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day, by skipping breakfast you aren’t burning as many calories and are feeling the effects! Your blood sugar levels are at its lowest in the morning thus breakfast helps to raise blood sugar levels meaning your muscles and brain have more energy meaning you can focus more and are feeling less sluggish.

So if you are one of the many who skip breakfasts why not try it tomorrow and see if you notice the difference!!

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The ab cruncher

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One of my main focusing points when working out is my abdominal muscles, I love the toned defined look but getting there isn’t easy! I’ve put together a bunch of my favourite ab exercises all quite simple and easy to do with no gym equipment needed. If your new to ab exercises I’d recommend YouTubing the following moves so you know how to perform them correctly. I’d recommend building the plank at the end up slowly start aiming for around 10 seconds and build up slowly!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

How to deal with injuries

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Recently I’ve been dealing with a knee injury, I’ve had minor injuries before now mainly foot injuries but when it came to muscle injuries I didn’t know where to start! After thorough research I’ve come up with the top 3 things to do when you get injured!

1. If you can’t walk on it don’t run on it, this might sound like common sense but often people think they can push through the injury and carry on as normal but in fact not only can this make your injury worse but can increase your recover time if in doubt rest!

2. Heat or ice? Now there is very conflicting information on whether to ice an injury or apply heat. Ice reduces swelling causing vasoconstriction of the blood vessels thus reducing bleeding into the surrounding tissues and can reduce muscle spasm and pain. Where as heat relaxes and loosens the tissue, stimulating blood flow. Never use heat if the injured area is swollen as it will only increase the swelling.

3. Look after yourself! Again this may seem like common sense but by getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and eating well you allow your body to recover quicker by providing the correct nutrients and allowing your body to rest!

Hopefully you don’t need to follow the above advice, but if you do trust me your body will thank you for it!

Week 7 of the couch to 5k


So week 7 saw a lot of sweat and some potential tears! As the weeks have been progressing I’ve found myself gaining more stamina and determination but this week was difficult! I went from building myself up running 23 minutes in week 6 to running 25 minutes straight and my body knew about it! Think I need to invest in some better running shoes! Comment below if there is any you recommend! So as week 7 progressed I got better and felt happier running the 25 minutes straight, now that I’ve been running for nearly 2 months my stamina is increasing and I feel more motivated to run although there is the odd day where I lack any motivation! Overall week 7 pushed some boundaries but once overcome it became a good week!

Hope you all have a great week and bank holiday weekend!!buty-do-biegania-jogging-1487424181cmt

Why rest days are so important


So often when we are working out we get fixated on the end goal and that can often lead us to work out more. It is recommended that we take rest days after a day of intense training to allow our muscles to grow stronger but often some people refuse to take a rest day as they believe working out every day will help them progress quicker but that can actually do the opposite effect. By not taking rest days we put our body’s central nervous system under a lot of stress. With that stress comes a lowered immune system and mood decline, alongside that you can ruin all of your training and be out of action for days if not weeks. So why do we need to take rest days? When working out we create microscopic tears in our muscles thus allowing the body to adapt and become stronger, studies have shown that our body’s recover most when we are sleeping as we have a spike in growth hormone when we sleep. Therefore rest days are important to avoid injury and to allow us to grow stronger. If you really don’t want to take a rest day it is advised that you work on a different group of muscles each day to avoid injury. So next time you take a rest day don’t feel guilty about it! You are actually making your body stronger for it!